Last month, ShoNet, in partnership with Spofforths, hosted a free workshop for non-profits on digital transformation at NCVO. Digital Transformation and YOU provided attendees with an insight into how to help their charities go ‘digital’ – with tips on forming a digital vision, implementing Salesforce and integration with Xero. On the day, our clients Save The Rhino International (SRI) and The Officers’ Association gave presentations about their digital transformation journeys.

Wish you were there? Not to worry, we’ve got a roundup of the key takeaways from the day. Check out these tips from our panel to find out how to make sure your charity prospers in the digital age … 

1.       Do a digital self-assessment

Start with a self-assessment to measure your organisation’s digital maturity. Attendees completed a survey titled “How digital are you now?” provided by our partners at Improvement Skills Consulting. Who is accountable for digital transformation at your organisation? What digital skills do you look for when recruiting or promoting staff?  Before planning where you’d like to go on your digital transformation journey, figure out where you are now - download this White Paper by Improvement Skills Consulting on digital transformation in charities to access a digital self-assessment questionnaire.


2.       Research, research, research

Do your research to find a solution that meets your charity’s needs exactly. Whether it’s deciding which social media platforms you’d like to use or choosing between different types of CRM software, have a clear idea of what you need and research to find out what would work best for your charity. Our panellists from Spofforths and The Officers’ Association advised: always go for customisable software and choose CRM software that allows you to integrate across all of your platforms (CRM, website, mobile apps, etc.).


3.       Think of the cost of not doing it!

Many charities find that the biggest barrier to digital transformation is the cost, as highlighted by our panellist from SRI. But investing in new software can pay off in the long-run – and it did for SRI. After implementing Salesforce, they had a 39% increase in online donations! Plus, adopting new technology may be more affordable than you think. Salesforce offer 10 FREE Enterprise Edition licenses to eligible non-profit organisations and there are deep discounts for additional products. Speak to us to find out more about how you could take advantage of this offer.


4.       Map your processes

If you’re looking to be more efficient and cut time spent on admin, you’re probably thinking about automating your processes. It’s crucial to map your processes properly and get advice on how best to do this, so that adopting new technology enables you to maximise your organisation’s performance effectively.


5.       Make sure the process of change is dynamic, fun and exciting!

Last but not least, we really liked the advice for charities from our event partners at Spofforths: “We’re all under pressure to go digital, but we’re not all robots!” See your organisation’s change and digital transformation journey as an opportunity to have fun, creating more time for you and your team to interact with your beneficiaries - and for you to do more of the work you really enjoy! :)

Useful Resources:

Improvement Skills Consulting on digital transformation in charities – check out our partner’s blog on the event, including the digital self-assessment, presentation slides and a White Paper on digital transformation in charities

Making digital work: 12 questions for trustees to consider – a new report by the Charity Commission (October 2016)

Want to find out more about how to ensure your charity prospers in the digital age? Contact us