Today’s digitally connected world enables charities to improve service delivery, build better relationships with stakeholders, while driving down administrative costs.  What can charity and non-profit chief executives do to help their organisations prosper in an age of digital transformation?

We invite you to lunch and then to spend the afternoon with us as we explore the following themes:

  • What is "digital" doing to/for charities?
    • Impact on Beneficiaries
    • Impact on Donors
    • Implications for Fundraisers
    • Internal opportunities
  • How digital are you now?
    • Self-assessment
  • Crafting a "digital" vision
  • Success factors and pitfalls
    • Typical barriers
    • Avoiding the pitfalls
  • Leading digital transformation
    • The role of the Leadership team
    • Personal actions/next steps

This event is organised by ShoNet, a NCVO Trusted Supplier and accountancy firm Spofforths part of Kreston Reeves.