Salesforce Pay-as-you-go Support Contract


Salesforce Pay-as-you-go Support Contract

Our “Pay-as-you-go Support Contracts” have become very popular among clients who need ad-hoc assistance with more technical tasks and customisations. You still get the same fast, efficient and friendly service as with ALL our Support Contracts. Additionally, you gain access to our certified Salesforce Administrators and Developers who are qualified to resolve your Salesforce queries.

“Pay-as-you-go Support Contract” is perfect for those who require flexible service and do not want to be tied down to an annual agreement.

Our “Pay-as-you-go Support Contract” packages can be purchased in hourly increments of 10, used as and when required. Depending on the frequency of usage, we will review the hours accrued on a weekly/monthly basis to ensure we are providing the best support solution for your business needs.

To discuss your Salesforce support requirements please contact or call 020 8017 1688.

By Ayesha Akaloo, Operations Support Manager at ShoNet.


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DocuSign for Beginners - 5 reasons why you should use DocuSign


As the world becomes more electronic driven and environmentally conscious, paper is fast becoming more redundant. We at ShoNet have been reviewing various e-Signature applications for customers who are moving away from paper-based contracts, forms, reports etc. As DocuSign partners we are excited to see a great application that can be used in organisations in a variety of way to close deals to supporting a charities “Green” agenda by reducing the amount of paper used with apparent cost savings.

With over 200million users DocuSign is truly is the world’s leading e-signature application. Here are 5 things we like about DocuSign;

  1. Simple and easy to use. DocuSign allows you to get things done quicker, faster as you can sign documents from anywhere and on any device.

  2. It integrates with Salesforce. DocuSign is a native application which sits within Salesforce and pulls information from and to Salesforce.

  3. Transaction management, with DocuSign you can determine the workflow.

  4. DocuSign is secure and reliable in storing documents.

  5. GDPR approved applications are important to us and also to our customers. DocuSign adheres to the GDPRR rules and regulations.

To get more information and a free demo contact or call 020 8017 1688.

Blog Written by Faith Anyanwu, Marketing Manager at ShoNet.

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SRI's Salesforce Success


SRI's Salesforce Success


Key challenges: Legacy database, not user friendly, not flexible

Why Salesforce?: Donated licenses, flexible due to API, cost effective, integrates with website, manage GiftAid, cloud storage and accessibility

Why ShoNet?: Competitive pricing, experience in the charity sector, Salesforce experts, easy to work with

Impact: SRI have seen a positive return on investment, a more efficient team, increase in donations


Save the Rhino International (SRI) is a UK registered charity.  Their vision is for a world where all five rhino species can thrive in the wild for future generations. SRI collaborates with partners to support endangered rhinos in Africa and Asia.


Make a change

In 2014 the SRI team embarked on updating their organisation’s technical architecture in line with their plans to continue to be an innovative charity.

SRI had a 7 year old database which did not give them the flexibility they needed. Susie Offord-Woolley, Deputy Director said “our teams were affected by the legacy database which was time consuming to use and not user friendly. We considered improving the existing system, however after assessing the cost and understanding the limitations, we decided to seek an alternative solution.”


Choosing a solution/ choosing a partner

SRI ran an open competition to find a database that would meet their carefully considered current and future needs. 

Susie said “we needed an end-to-end solution which integrated our website and email system with our database”.

After a rigorous process SRI selected ShoNet to partner them on this journey. Susie said “we ran a tender process and selected ShoNet based on several factors including their competitive price.  ShoNet proved to be an excellent partner. They have knowledge and expertise in developing efficient business processes and integrating technology, but they have so much more which differentiates them from other companies”. 

ShoNet recommended Salesforce as a CRM solution for the SRI team due to its flexibility, security and fundraising capability.  Another attractive Salesforce CRM capability was the integration with applications such as Sage and MailChimp.


Small change, big impact

The SRI CRM implementation was delivered with the aid of a 5 stage process from Discovery through to Benefit Realisation. An aspect which Susie found helpful was mapping SRI’s existing process and comparing it to the process they wished to use in future. 

Since implementing Salesforce, Susie and the SRI team have seen “…a positive return on our investment. We are three times as efficient as we were previously; we have seen an increase in donations, more collaborations between the teams and better reporting which has helped us plan ahead”.  In a short space of time Salesforce has proved to be useful and central to SRI’s success.

Susie concludes “ShoNet really cared that the solution we were getting was the best for the charity, even if this meant more work than expected for them; they never cut corners, and they kept a high level of focus and dedication throughout the whole project.  If Salesforce didn't have an obvious solution for how our charity wanted a process to work, ShoNet would investigate new technologies, speak to third parties in order to present the best option for the charity to be able to choose what worked best for us”.

Contact the ShoNet team to realise the benefits you can experience for you and your organisation.

For more information on Save the Rhino international please visit:


Winter 19' Highlights Summary


Winter 19' Highlights Summary

Salesforce have released an array of new features for Winter 19’!

Our Technical Director, Steve Rose, has summarised them below for easy reference.

1. Change Your View with Display Density Settings

You now have more control over how you want to view your data without changing the layout! Select one of these two new Lightning Experience display density settings as the default and let your users choose their own display density at any time from under the profile menu.


2. Check a Field’s References Before You Edit It

Now you can see the references to a custom field, such as in a report or formula, with the click of a button. You can also communicate changes to others who use the field in a formula or other context.


3. Collaborate with Ease with List View Sharing

Have a list view with an amazing set of filters that you’d love to share with your team? Or maybe you have a list view that you only want a select few to access. Take collaboration to the next level by sharing your list views with user groups in your org.


4. Use Background Utility Items to Add Functionality to a Lightning App

Add functionality to your Lightning apps without cluttering the user experience! Background utility items run without a visible entry in the utility bar.

Here are a couple things you can do with background utility items:

    Add custom shortcuts

    Listen for events, like chat notifications, and notify the user

    Capture data on how your service agents or sales reps spend their time interacting with customers

    Enforce console tab limits


5. Edit Joined Reports with Lightning Report Builder

Work with joined reports in Lightning Experience’s modern interface and take advantage of Lightning Experience’s productivity-improving features like report run page filtering. Edit joined filters, groups (including cross-block groups), and columns with the Lightning report builder.

6. Find the Data You Need in a Jiffy with List View Search

Use the new search bar to search the field data in your list views and find the records you need in record time

Click here for the full video series of the Winter 19’ Highlights from Salesforce




MEL Breakfast Session Success!


MEL Breakfast Session Success!

Last month we held a free breakfast session on Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning at the NCVO Head Office for a morning of education and problem solving.

We were joined by special guest speakers Sarah Ebanja, Chief Executive of of The Spurs Foundation and Annie Barber, Evidence and Impact of Khulisa UK, who both gave invaluable demonstrations on their personal experience and perspectives on MEL.


‘‘ Excellent session on monitoring, evaluation & learning this morning! Thanks @Shonetsystems @NCVO & great to hear examples from Annie @KhulisaUK & Sarah @SpursFoundation about their experience putting this into practice #charity #impact ‘‘

- @sarahsarahwilko

Our partners, Ian Seath and Robin Brady, demonstrated how you can become more effective in achieving your objectives in measuring development impact, analytics, data quality assurance and results management.

We aimed to improve knowledge, share good practice and explore better data management solutions to overcome common issues experienced.


Attendees learned how, by implementing a few simple changes and additions to their current CRM system, they are able to better track and organise the evidence linked to the results they are delivering, and report on that evidence comprehensively.

Overall, everyone came away from the event in agreement that they had learned something new and were inspired by our speakers.

Many thanks to everyone who attended. Look out for more information on scheduled events and webinars in the new year!



Client Cause Spotlight: The Voices Foundation


Client Cause Spotlight: The Voices Foundation

About The Voices Foundation

ShoNet is proud to work with The Voices Foundation, an award-winning national music education charity founded 25 years ago, that uses the power of singing to improve the lives of children and young people. Every year they help 15,000 children from over 70 schools sing regularly. They also run extensive programmes that develop teachers' and music educators' knowledge, skills and confidence in how to teach music effectively.

“Back in 1993 I had a simple vision to give every child access to quality music education. Since then, The Voices Foundation has had a deep impact on thousands of children across the country. It has demonstrated that music uniquely fosters aesthetic awareness and has the power to improve language and communication skills, increase levels of concentration and boost confidence.”

Suzi Digby OBE

Working with ShoNet

Since 2015, we have supported The Voices Foundation to improve the functionality of their Salesforce database, which is vital in managing fundraising and grants. Most recently we ran a training day to improve staff knowledge.

‘I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for the training session yesterday. It was invaluable and the whole team really learnt a lot. We are all excited to start using Salesforce to our benefit and to help make our lives a lot easier. Thank you again for coming in and for being so clear in your training.’’

Lowri Davies - Administrator, The Voices Foundation

For more information, including how you can support and get involved,

please visit The Voices Foundation website.


Salesforce Customer Success Manager with Monitoring & Evaluation experience


Salesforce Customer Success Manager with Monitoring & Evaluation experience

We are hiring!

We currently have 2 permanent positions for Customer Success Managers with Monitoring & Evaluation and Salesforce experience.

Both opportunities are North London based.

About Shonet

ShoNet’s customers are at the centre of all we do. ShoNet has extensive experience of successfully implementing and customising Salesforce for charities. We are now focused on developing our Monitoring & Evaluation service.

We need to add two Customer Success Managers to our small team in order to achieve our ambitious growth plans. Collaboration – internally and externally - is at the core of the way we work.

Join our team to implement new and transform existing Salesforce databases into first class Monitoring & Evaluation systems that provides our customers with much needed analysis and insight. Your goal will be to help our customers achieve their objective of measuring development impact, analytics, data quality assurance and results management.

This is a client facing role, where you will be required to have exceptional communication and organisation skills. You will be tasked with working alongside the ShoNet team to create and manage the delivery of client systems. 

We offer a competitive salary, continuous training towards Salesforce Certifications and 20 days annual leave, plus bank holidays.

Key Responsibilities

  • Build strong client relationships, to ensure we have clear sight of their requirements

  • Successfully deliver projects within agreed time frames and budget

  • Work effectively with ShoNet colleagues and contribute to a high performing team

  • Support business development colleagues with pre-sales activities

 Qualifications and skills

  • Salesforce system administrator accreditation is desirable

  • Excellent communication & interpersonal skills with experience in liaising with various stakeholders

  • Efficient in MS Office (version 7 and/or 10) and strong IT skills

  • Excellent team leadership and team management skills

Essential Experience and Competencies

  • Minimum of 2 years Monitoring & Evaluation experience

  • Minimum of 2 years system administrator experience

  • Creation, analysis and review of business, functional, and technical requirements

  • Managing end-to-end Salesforce implementations

We welcome the opportunity to speak to experienced Salesforce users who are considering a new consulting career. 

To apply please click here

Closing date for applications Wednesday 12th December 2018



ShoNet Work Experience and Training Programme


ShoNet Work Experience and Training Programme

In association with The Amos Bursary

In June we welcomed Nathan Essel, who worked with ShoNet as part of his invaluable support programme with The Amos Bursary. Students accepted for the bursary are guided through their Sixth form and University education and are mentored to develop their social and commercial skills through opportunities and life changing experiences.

Nathan worked on various projects and his knowledge of IT software and programming were very helpful in assisting with creating an app for the client.

 ‘’During my 4-day work experience at Shonet, I learnt how businesses work with IT in a commercial setting. This was a very new experience to me as I am interested in computer science and programming, but I had never thought about the implementation of technology.’’

‘’I learned about a cloud service tool called Salesforce, which is an application that manages how users interact with a database. As part of my training to use this service, I was taken to meetings to discuss whether clients could use it to manage their data. One of the meetings I attended surprised me a lot as there was a great lack of communication, such as how they saved their files etc.’’

‘’Overall, I enjoyed working at ShoNet and helping to create Salesforce applications. My colleagues were very kind and helpful, which resulted in me being introduced to Salesforce and widening my future paths.’’

Nathan was trained using Trailhead, which he can continue to further study and increase his Salesforce skills, which are recognised globally.

ShoNet are proud to support the bright young talent of the next generation and wish Nathan every success in his future endeavours. A special thanks to our Technology Director Steve Rose for his support with our training programme and his continuous work with the Amos Bursary.

We are also pleased to welcome our new interns, Ikehi Omezie and Sena Basoah, who have joined the ShoNet team for the summer.


Client Cause Spotlight - Khulisa


Client Cause Spotlight - Khulisa

ShoNet recently had the opportunity to work with and complete a Salesforce project for Khulisa. This amazing organisation strives to prevent social exclusion and seeks to rehabilitate the most vulnerable, and often misunderstood, in our society.

About Khulisa: For many prisoners, their life has followed a devastating pattern of social disadvantage, exclusion and crime. 

This cycle can sweep whole generations of people into a life they didn’t choose and this injustice starts early.  For some prisoners, it is their violent past which has resulted in their exclusion from society.  Some have experienced violence as the victims of crime, often victims of abuse or neglect: these traumatic incidents are very often the root cause of disruptive behaviour and it continues to fuel their isolation from society.

To break this cycle, Khulisa works with at-risk youth, prisoners and ex-prisoners to understand and tackle the root-cause of their violent and anti-social behaviours.  We do this by placing well-being at the heart of rehabilitation; we provide intensive therapeutic support and mentoring, which builds self-awareness and emotional resilience. By equipping people with the tools to choose alternatives to violence and crime, we provide a way out and a chance to feel safe and well.  In doing so, we transform their lives and enable them and their communities to truly thrive and flourish.

Working with ShoNet

''This is the second time I have worked with ShoNet through two different organisations and I would recommend them to anyone for any type of digital support. ShoNet have gone above and beyond to support our transition onto Salesforce and have been an absolute godsend. Before ShoNet, our Salesforce set up was unfinished and the team were unable to use the product, despite investing a lot of time and money. ShoNet have completely turned this around for us. Ayesha and the team made sure that they understood our needs and have made everything so easy for us, offering the highest quality of support at every step of the way. Until we started working with ShoNet we were completely lost with Salesforce, but it is now fully working for us. I don't know where we'd be without them - thank you so much to Ayesha, Clyde and the whole team!''

Annie Barber

Evidence and Impact Manager


World Day Against Trafficking In Persons


World Day Against Trafficking In Persons

As part of World Day Against Trafficking on 30th July, ShoNet collaborated with our client Ethical Trading Initiative and, to highlight how they are using Non Profit technology in the fight against modern slavery.

Forced labour is a global issue that every country is affected by.

ShoNet supports the fantastic work that Ethical Trading Initiative do to support the millions of women, children and men exploited by forced labour and human trafficking.

Read the full article here

A special thanks to Cindy Berman of ETI, and our friends and business partners Ian Seath and Robin Brady, for their work on this project.