BioRegional was founded in 1992 by Pooran Desai and Sue Riddlestone because they recognised that over-consumption of resources is the major driving force for environmental degradation. They reasoned that if they could produce more of their goods from local resources, especially waste and renewable resources, in an efficient way then they could reduce the impact of the goods and services they use. BioRegional encourages this ethic throughout their organisation.

Catherine Sweeney, (Development Manager) and her team’s role is central to the sustainability of BioRegional’s activities, by “ensuring that best practice project management is carried out as well as managing funding bids.”, Catherine adds. It became apparent as BioRegional grew that the lack of a central database was  having an adverse effect resulting in; time consuming process when completing bids, unable to provide appropriate information for management team, lack of a seamless process and at times various persons working on the same bid. “At that point we knew that we needed a better way of working”, recalls Catherine.

After researching on possible solution’s ShoNet was recommended by NCVO. “ShoNet’s response to our needs was fantastic, they met with us to understand our requirements, they clearly had experience and a good grasp of working with Not for Profit organisations”. ShoNet recommended Salesforce as a solution for
BioRegional, as it matched BioRegionals’ needs, additionally it gave BioRegional the flexibility it needed with their projected growth. Catherine and her team are already reaping the benefits of the implementation. “We have been able to better fundraise, drill down reports to understand how much is in our pipeline, able to have an accurate picture of our current and projected income. In general it has enabled me and my team to access information faster as well as have a better level of information.” Catherine adds. As part of BioRegional’s success plan, ShoNet has agreed to a 6month review as well as looking at any further customisation that will be needed as the organisation grows.  

Catherine relays that the “ShoNet’s team were flexible and easy to work with, going over and beyond to ensure we had good working relations. One thing we valued was Face to face contact. They been willing to go on this journey with us and I would say they are highly recommended”.