Having worked with a number of not for profit organisations who have struggled to streamline their data processing and input, who often have to perform duplicated manual processing tasks in order to maintain the CRM and accounting systems, we have looked to provide a solution which seamlessly integrated the two systems.

This duplication can often include having to agree a large volume of donations received between the bank accounts within the accounting platform and the pledges recorded in the CRM.

In developing this integration, we anticipate that a number of data entry tasks will now become either redundant or much more efficient, creating more time for fundraising activity.

ShoNet have worked in partnership with Kreston Reeves, an accounting and financial services firm based in London, Sussex and Kent, and Astrea IT in order to develop the integration which effortlessly synchronises donations, contacts, invoices and products between Salesforce and Xero meaning information can be automatically available across the two platforms.

If you would like any further detail in relation to the above or would like a discussion around how this solution might benefit you, please call 0208 017 1688 or email info@shonet.co.uk