In association with The Amos Bursary

In June we welcomed Nathan Essel, who worked with ShoNet as part of his invaluable support programme with The Amos Bursary. Students accepted for the bursary are guided through their Sixth form and University education and are mentored to develop their social and commercial skills through opportunities and life changing experiences.

Nathan worked on various projects and his knowledge of IT software and programming were very helpful in assisting with creating an app for the client.

 ‘’During my 4-day work experience at Shonet, I learnt how businesses work with IT in a commercial setting. This was a very new experience to me as I am interested in computer science and programming, but I had never thought about the implementation of technology.’’

‘’I learned about a cloud service tool called Salesforce, which is an application that manages how users interact with a database. As part of my training to use this service, I was taken to meetings to discuss whether clients could use it to manage their data. One of the meetings I attended surprised me a lot as there was a great lack of communication, such as how they saved their files etc.’’

‘’Overall, I enjoyed working at ShoNet and helping to create Salesforce applications. My colleagues were very kind and helpful, which resulted in me being introduced to Salesforce and widening my future paths.’’

Nathan was trained using Trailhead, which he can continue to further study and increase his Salesforce skills, which are recognised globally.

ShoNet are proud to support the bright young talent of the next generation and wish Nathan every success in his future endeavours. A special thanks to our Technology Director Steve Rose for his support with our training programme and his continuous work with the Amos Bursary.

We are also pleased to welcome our new interns, Ikehi Omezie and Sena Basoah, who have joined the ShoNet team for the summer.