ShoNet recently had the opportunity to work with and complete a Salesforce project for Khulisa. This amazing organisation strives to prevent social exclusion and seeks to rehabilitate the most vulnerable, and often misunderstood, in our society.

About Khulisa: For many prisoners, their life has followed a devastating pattern of social disadvantage, exclusion and crime. 

This cycle can sweep whole generations of people into a life they didn’t choose and this injustice starts early.  For some prisoners, it is their violent past which has resulted in their exclusion from society.  Some have experienced violence as the victims of crime, often victims of abuse or neglect: these traumatic incidents are very often the root cause of disruptive behaviour and it continues to fuel their isolation from society.

To break this cycle, Khulisa works with at-risk youth, prisoners and ex-prisoners to understand and tackle the root-cause of their violent and anti-social behaviours.  We do this by placing well-being at the heart of rehabilitation; we provide intensive therapeutic support and mentoring, which builds self-awareness and emotional resilience. By equipping people with the tools to choose alternatives to violence and crime, we provide a way out and a chance to feel safe and well.  In doing so, we transform their lives and enable them and their communities to truly thrive and flourish.

Working with ShoNet

''This is the second time I have worked with ShoNet through two different organisations and I would recommend them to anyone for any type of digital support. ShoNet have gone above and beyond to support our transition onto Salesforce and have been an absolute godsend. Before ShoNet, our Salesforce set up was unfinished and the team were unable to use the product, despite investing a lot of time and money. ShoNet have completely turned this around for us. Ayesha and the team made sure that they understood our needs and have made everything so easy for us, offering the highest quality of support at every step of the way. Until we started working with ShoNet we were completely lost with Salesforce, but it is now fully working for us. I don't know where we'd be without them - thank you so much to Ayesha, Clyde and the whole team!''

Annie Barber

Evidence and Impact Manager