We are living in a world driven by Data - data is to a business what water is to a human, it is essential! However it is not just about having enough water, you need to have QUALITY water. This is the same way that it does not matter how much data you have, what is important is the QUALITY of data to; know your customers, to lay out your strategies, to enhance your relationship and to get more sales/ funding. A key proponent to this is the forms used to capture your data.

Here are three key reasons why you need a quality data capturing form:

1.       Good Customer Experience: These forms ensures the customer experience so that they don’t mind spending time while sharing information.

2.       Quality Data: These forms provide enough validations & restrictions which restrict any user to share incorrect data. It saves your team’s efforts to filter the potential leads.

3.       Integrated Data: These forms allow you to store all of your data at one place ie. CRM system which is a key thing for data analysis.

Having used various form building applications we believe Form Assembly is heads and shoulders above the rest and our customers agree too. Here are 5 reasons why we feel Form Assembly is a great application to consider when thinking about a suitable data capturing application.

Salient features which make Form Assembly a promising Data Capturing Partner:

1.       Mobile App: You can collect the data in offline and online mode. It works for unlimited data and you can sync when you get internet access

2.       Powerful Integration: It is not just about Salesforce but it has a number of other connectors available which allow a user to connect with other applications.

3.       Drag & Drop Form Builders: You needn’t be techy to use this. Once you get a license then you are a form developer with Basic training available on their knowledge base. Besides this, they have very helpful support to solve your tailored requirements.

4.       Security: They are obsessed with the security and this is the reason they have multiple measures in place for data security so Forms can be easily used for any sensitive information too.

5.       Fit for all: Form Assembly is not restricted to any specific industry but they can be used in almost all industry be it Non-Profit, Healthcare or Financial.


Form Assembly is a shining star for data capturing forms which can deliver a fast and efficient user interface for all kinds of forms. It provides all the features you need like cloud servers, Auto-response emails, notifications etc. On top of everything, it enables you to design, connect and publish all of your forms just with drag and drop.

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Written by Bhisham Bajaj, Delivery Director at ShoNet.