We are pleased to announce the opening of our new office in the global information technology hub, India. The launch of ShoNet India means the strengthening of our delivery arm. This indeed is an exciting time for ShoNet as we grow and expand our offerings as an organisation. We are very much still committed to remaining true to who we are and what we do which is based on the notion of serving you our customers effectively and efficiently. We are confident and certain that this will be achieved as ShoNet UK work collaboratively with our colleagues at ShoNet India. 

Our ShoNet customers will now have access to even more robust and efficient delivery, allowing you to grow and reach your objectives as an organisation. Bhisham Bajaj the Head of Delivery at ShoNet India adds;  

Bhisham Bajaj, Head of Delivery at ShoNet India

Bhisham Bajaj, Head of Delivery at ShoNet India

“We are aiming to expedite the delivery of ShoNet projects by offering a team of dedicated and certified Salesforce individuals who are passionate about delivering the best service for our customers. Additionally, having a team in India means we can provide extra support to our clients. 

Lastly an important objective is to align all development tasks as we work collaboratively with the UK team so we can as ShoNet continue to deliver an efficient and effective process. These are exciting times ahead for us here at ShoNet India.”  

As we begin this exciting journey with our new team based in India we have purposefully built a robust ecosystem that seeks to deliver an unparalleled service for our ShoNet customers.  

ShoNet’s Chairman, Clyde Williams closing remarks; “This expansion aims to reduce the time it takes to deliver our customers’ projects.  We are also enhancing our technical skills to ensure that all projects are designed to run trouble-free.  I look forward to growing our resources both in the UK and India.” 


If you would like to know more about ShoNet India or have any media enquiries, please contact info@shonet.co.uk 

Written by Faith Anyanwu, Marketing Manager at ShoNet.