We are excited to announce that we are G Cloud 11 approved, this means we are able to continue delivering an excellent service to Public sector organisations. In particular, we are approved to implement and customise Salesforce for any Public sector organisation.

G Cloud is the UK’s Government framework, it is an agreement between the government and suppliers.

Buying services through the framework is faster as the rigorous vetting process to be approved has taken place which makes the process efficient and effective. Additionally the framework is compliant, regulated and refreshed. G Cloud is one of the Government’s initiatives to make it easier for SMEs to provide services to the public sector.

The G-Cloud framework is open to any public sector body including local authorities, housing associations, education sector and more.

If you are a Public sector organisation and are interested in working with approved G Cloud Salesforce consultants, please do contact us here at ShoNet on 020 8017 1688 or email support@shonet.co.uk

Written by Faith A, Marketing Manager, ShoNet.