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DocuSign for Beginners - 5 reasons why you should use DocuSign


As the world becomes more electronic driven and environmentally conscious, paper is fast becoming more redundant. We at ShoNet have been reviewing various e-Signature applications for customers who are moving away from paper-based contracts, forms, reports etc. As DocuSign partners we are excited to see a great application that can be used in organisations in a variety of way to close deals to supporting a charities “Green” agenda by reducing the amount of paper used with apparent cost savings.

With over 200million users DocuSign is truly is the world’s leading e-signature application. Here are 5 things we like about DocuSign;

  1. Simple and easy to use. DocuSign allows you to get things done quicker, faster as you can sign documents from anywhere and on any device.

  2. It integrates with Salesforce. DocuSign is a native application which sits within Salesforce and pulls information from and to Salesforce.

  3. Transaction management, with DocuSign you can determine the workflow.

  4. DocuSign is secure and reliable in storing documents.

  5. GDPR approved applications are important to us and also to our customers. DocuSign adheres to the GDPRR rules and regulations.

To get more information and a free demo contact or call 020 8017 1688.

Blog Written by Faith Anyanwu, Marketing Manager at ShoNet.