Client Cause Spotlight: The Voices Foundation


Client Cause Spotlight: The Voices Foundation

About The Voices Foundation

ShoNet is proud to work with The Voices Foundation, an award-winning national music education charity founded 25 years ago, that uses the power of singing to improve the lives of children and young people. Every year they help 15,000 children from over 70 schools sing regularly. They also run extensive programmes that develop teachers' and music educators' knowledge, skills and confidence in how to teach music effectively.

“Back in 1993 I had a simple vision to give every child access to quality music education. Since then, The Voices Foundation has had a deep impact on thousands of children across the country. It has demonstrated that music uniquely fosters aesthetic awareness and has the power to improve language and communication skills, increase levels of concentration and boost confidence.”

Suzi Digby OBE

Working with ShoNet

Since 2015, we have supported The Voices Foundation to improve the functionality of their Salesforce database, which is vital in managing fundraising and grants. Most recently we ran a training day to improve staff knowledge.

‘I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for the training session yesterday. It was invaluable and the whole team really learnt a lot. We are all excited to start using Salesforce to our benefit and to help make our lives a lot easier. Thank you again for coming in and for being so clear in your training.’’

Lowri Davies - Administrator, The Voices Foundation

For more information, including how you can support and get involved,

please visit The Voices Foundation website.


Salesforce Customer Success Manager with Monitoring & Evaluation experience


Salesforce Customer Success Manager with Monitoring & Evaluation experience

We are hiring!

We currently have 2 permanent positions for Customer Success Managers with Monitoring & Evaluation and Salesforce experience.

Both opportunities are North London based.

About Shonet

ShoNet’s customers are at the centre of all we do. ShoNet has extensive experience of successfully implementing and customising Salesforce for charities. We are now focused on developing our Monitoring & Evaluation service.

We need to add two Customer Success Managers to our small team in order to achieve our ambitious growth plans. Collaboration – internally and externally - is at the core of the way we work.

Join our team to implement new and transform existing Salesforce databases into first class Monitoring & Evaluation systems that provides our customers with much needed analysis and insight. Your goal will be to help our customers achieve their objective of measuring development impact, analytics, data quality assurance and results management.

This is a client facing role, where you will be required to have exceptional communication and organisation skills. You will be tasked with working alongside the ShoNet team to create and manage the delivery of client systems. 

We offer a competitive salary, continuous training towards Salesforce Certifications and 20 days annual leave, plus bank holidays.

Key Responsibilities

  • Build strong client relationships, to ensure we have clear sight of their requirements

  • Successfully deliver projects within agreed time frames and budget

  • Work effectively with ShoNet colleagues and contribute to a high performing team

  • Support business development colleagues with pre-sales activities

 Qualifications and skills

  • Salesforce system administrator accreditation is desirable

  • Excellent communication & interpersonal skills with experience in liaising with various stakeholders

  • Efficient in MS Office (version 7 and/or 10) and strong IT skills

  • Excellent team leadership and team management skills

Essential Experience and Competencies

  • Minimum of 2 years Monitoring & Evaluation experience

  • Minimum of 2 years system administrator experience

  • Creation, analysis and review of business, functional, and technical requirements

  • Managing end-to-end Salesforce implementations

We welcome the opportunity to speak to experienced Salesforce users who are considering a new consulting career. 

To apply please click here

Closing date for applications Wednesday 12th December 2018



ShoNet Work Experience and Training Programme


ShoNet Work Experience and Training Programme

In association with The Amos Bursary

In June we welcomed Nathan Essel, who worked with ShoNet as part of his invaluable support programme with The Amos Bursary. Students accepted for the bursary are guided through their Sixth form and University education and are mentored to develop their social and commercial skills through opportunities and life changing experiences.

Nathan worked on various projects and his knowledge of IT software and programming were very helpful in assisting with creating an app for the client.

 ‘’During my 4-day work experience at Shonet, I learnt how businesses work with IT in a commercial setting. This was a very new experience to me as I am interested in computer science and programming, but I had never thought about the implementation of technology.’’

‘’I learned about a cloud service tool called Salesforce, which is an application that manages how users interact with a database. As part of my training to use this service, I was taken to meetings to discuss whether clients could use it to manage their data. One of the meetings I attended surprised me a lot as there was a great lack of communication, such as how they saved their files etc.’’

‘’Overall, I enjoyed working at ShoNet and helping to create Salesforce applications. My colleagues were very kind and helpful, which resulted in me being introduced to Salesforce and widening my future paths.’’

Nathan was trained using Trailhead, which he can continue to further study and increase his Salesforce skills, which are recognised globally.

ShoNet are proud to support the bright young talent of the next generation and wish Nathan every success in his future endeavours. A special thanks to our Technology Director Steve Rose for his support with our training programme and his continuous work with the Amos Bursary.

We are also pleased to welcome our new interns, Ikehi Omezie and Sena Basoah, who have joined the ShoNet team for the summer.


Client Cause Spotlight - Khulisa


Client Cause Spotlight - Khulisa

ShoNet recently had the opportunity to work with and complete a Salesforce project for Khulisa. This amazing organisation strives to prevent social exclusion and seeks to rehabilitate the most vulnerable, and often misunderstood, in our society.

About Khulisa: For many prisoners, their life has followed a devastating pattern of social disadvantage, exclusion and crime. 

This cycle can sweep whole generations of people into a life they didn’t choose and this injustice starts early.  For some prisoners, it is their violent past which has resulted in their exclusion from society.  Some have experienced violence as the victims of crime, often victims of abuse or neglect: these traumatic incidents are very often the root cause of disruptive behaviour and it continues to fuel their isolation from society.

To break this cycle, Khulisa works with at-risk youth, prisoners and ex-prisoners to understand and tackle the root-cause of their violent and anti-social behaviours.  We do this by placing well-being at the heart of rehabilitation; we provide intensive therapeutic support and mentoring, which builds self-awareness and emotional resilience. By equipping people with the tools to choose alternatives to violence and crime, we provide a way out and a chance to feel safe and well.  In doing so, we transform their lives and enable them and their communities to truly thrive and flourish.

Working with ShoNet

''This is the second time I have worked with ShoNet through two different organisations and I would recommend them to anyone for any type of digital support. ShoNet have gone above and beyond to support our transition onto Salesforce and have been an absolute godsend. Before ShoNet, our Salesforce set up was unfinished and the team were unable to use the product, despite investing a lot of time and money. ShoNet have completely turned this around for us. Ayesha and the team made sure that they understood our needs and have made everything so easy for us, offering the highest quality of support at every step of the way. Until we started working with ShoNet we were completely lost with Salesforce, but it is now fully working for us. I don't know where we'd be without them - thank you so much to Ayesha, Clyde and the whole team!''

Annie Barber

Evidence and Impact Manager


World Day Against Trafficking In Persons


World Day Against Trafficking In Persons

As part of World Day Against Trafficking on 30th July, ShoNet collaborated with our client Ethical Trading Initiative and, to highlight how they are using Non Profit technology in the fight against modern slavery.

Forced labour is a global issue that every country is affected by.

ShoNet supports the fantastic work that Ethical Trading Initiative do to support the millions of women, children and men exploited by forced labour and human trafficking.

Read the full article here

A special thanks to Cindy Berman of ETI, and our friends and business partners Ian Seath and Robin Brady, for their work on this project.




Nonprofit Digital Marketing


Nonprofit Digital Marketing have launched a campaign called The Nonprofit Digital Marketer  - it is a new subscription series that offers practical advice and insights on how nonprofits can raise more awareness for their cause – all direct to their inbox!

Sign up today to improve your digital marketing presence in 2018.

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CRM Database and Accounting Platform Integration

CRM Database and Accounting Platform Integration

Having worked with a number of not for profit organisations who have struggled to streamline their data processing and input, who often have to perform duplicated manual processing tasks in order to maintain the CRM and accounting systems, we have looked to provide a solution which seamlessly integrated the two systems.

This duplication can often include having to agree a large volume of donations received between the bank accounts within the accounting platform and the pledges recorded in the CRM.

In developing this integration, we anticipate that a number of data entry tasks will now become either redundant or much more efficient, creating more time for fundraising activity.

ShoNet have worked in partnership with Kreston Reeves, an accounting and financial services firm based in London, Sussex and Kent, and Astrea IT in order to develop the integration which effortlessly synchronises donations, contacts, invoices and products between Salesforce and Xero meaning information can be automatically available across the two platforms.

If you would like any further detail in relation to the above or would like a discussion around how this solution might benefit you, please call 0208 017 1688 or email

Monitoring & Evaluation for Charities: How to measure what matters


Monitoring & Evaluation for Charities: How to measure what matters


'Value for Money', Return on Investment', 'Social Value', 'Impact Measurement'.  We are surrounded by buzz words and new fads for proving that what we do really is for the social good and really can make a measurable difference.  Understanding how to measure impact and then putting in place a cost effective system to do this can seem daunting.  There is a useful saying to keep in mind though that provides a great starting point, "What gets measured, matters.  So make sure you measure what matters."


Many charities and civil society organisations baulk at having to make more funds available to measure and prove what they already know: that they are making a difference.  Yet, measuring impact is a valuable source of management information.  Done well, monitoring and evaluation can provide a rich source of beneficiary feedback and programme performance that can also be used to improve your interventions and projects, making them more relevant and likely to deliver lasting change.  Building a monitoring and evaluation system is not necessarily a complicated or expensive process, but navigating the various tools and processes sometimes does need a little help. 


A good place to start is your current management information system.  You already know about the benefits of Salesforce for running your organisation efficiently and collecting fundraising and general management information that helps you to keep an eye on the bottom line.  Salesforce can however be more than that.  It can help you to make sense of monitoring data, so that you can keep track of the different projects you're running: how many people are being reached, what they think of the projects that they participate in, which projects are on track, which need further attention. 


Of course to make this happen for you, two things will need to be in place: an overall monitoring and evaluation plan, including a policy approach to monitoring and evaluation that your organisation is signed up to, secondly a set of relevant data collection tools that capture project performance in both a qualitative and quantitative manner, and which can be linked to Salesforce. 


It is important to understand exactly what you want to measure, why you want to measure it and who will use the data in order to design an effective system for data collection and analysis.  Understanding this 'what', 'why' and 'who' will start you on the road to effective and efficient monitoring and evaluation, which will make a valuable difference to your organisation.


Developing systems and processes that make charities more effective is a driving focus for us at Shonet and we know that developing and improving your management information systems to include meaningful monitoring and evaluation data, will making proving impact easier and lead to better interventions that can deliver lasting change.


Do you want to improve the data that you are collecting and using?  Contact us for a free consultation to find out how we can help you to develop your monitoring and evaluation plan and tools.

This article was written in partnership with Robin Brady


ShoNet goes to Salesforce World Tour London 2016


ShoNet goes to Salesforce World Tour London 2016

In May, ShoNet attended Salesforce World Tour London at ExCeL. With over 15,000 registrants and 100 cloud partners, it was the biggest Salesforce event held outside of the US and one of the largest software events held in the UK.

Salesforce World Tour events provide an occasion for those in the Salesforce community to get together, share knowledge and learn. The event provided attendees with the opportunity to gain insight into the future of the customer experience and the rapid growth of cloud computing.

Here are some of our highlights!:

“How you deal with change determines success.” – Sir Chris Hoy, six-time Olympic gold medallist
In our fast-changing and increasingly digital world, how can organisations deal with change and create success? With Salesforce! On the day, the live demonstrations of Salesforce products like the Marketing Cloud showed how Salesforce is a powerful tool for enhancing the customer experience in the digital age. During the
Product Keynotes, we learned how organisations have risen to the challenges of the digital age by using Salesforce.

“Opportunities are out there for you to take, it’s just about seizing them really!” – Rosemary Russell, STEMettes
Only 14% of people working in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) are female. But
STEMettes are trying to change that – and during the Keynote, Anne-Marie Imafidon of STEMettes spoke about how Salesforce have helped STEMettes to tackle gender imbalance in STEM careers in the UK.

“Cloud is the new normal.” – Peter Coffee, VP Strategic Research, Salesforce
Did you know that
85 of the world’s 100 most valuable brands use Salesforce to run their businesses and reach customers? That said, it’s no surprise that “cloud is the new normal”! Throughout the day, we visited the Customer Success Expo to check out some of the latest innovations from cloud partners. The number of attendees and cloud partners at the event showed that cloud computing is growing at a rapid rate, with many opportunities for ShoNet to work and support others to join a fast-growing industry.

Want to read more about Salesforce World Tour London? You can catch up here or check out the Salesforce World Tour London two minute recap infographic.