Clyde Williams at ShoNet reveals an inner passion to support inner-city young people to gain entry into the IT industry. Clyde adds: "For a long time I have harboured the ambition of enabling inner-city young people to gain entry to the computer industry.  At long last I have found a partner who can make this dream a reality.  In September 2016, ShoNet in partnership with Digital Skills Solution - – will launch a Salesforce training programme to deliver this dream.

The computer industry offers a wide range of job opportunities, but the barriers to entry are high.  Together we aim to provide access to that first step on the ladder for young people to explore these career opportunities.

As a Salesforce Accredited Partner, we will work with Digital Skills Solutions to create a path for young adults to become Salesforce accredited professionals. This will be through Traineeship and Apprenticeship programmes.

A critical part of this initiative will be work experience.  Our students will gain sufficient Salesforce knowledge in the classroom to be of value to organisations who offer them work experience places.

This is the first step along the road of giving back.  I trust that you will be able to support this initiative by offering work experiencing place to our pilot group of students.  I will keep you updated on the progress of this initiative".