The days of Spreadsheets is slowly fading away as a lot more organisations move towards using databases (CRM tools). This is because databases like Salesforce (CRM) provides versatility which Spreadsheets do not, for example organisations can use Salesforce to create instant real time reports and develop a relationship management process with each of your customers. However Spreadsheets can easily be lost in emails, require formulas, not user friendly and more.

Access to Instant Reports

One aspect of Salesforce which our customers find extremely useful is the reporting function. Salesforce Reports is popular with many organisations as it takes the data from within your organisations Salesforce records and essentially allows you to; create instant detailed reports, make insightful decisions, easily build and filter these reports and much more. Additionally Salesforce Reports allows you to export these reports into a Spreadsheet if you want, so no more switching back and forth between programs and no more exporting data to and fro applications or platforms.


Visualise Reports - Dashboards

If having instant access to your reports and data isn’t great enough – Salesforce allows you to visualise your data with dashboards, which will open you up to endless possibilities your data can present. Many of our customers have found Salesforce dashboards to be helpful and we too can testify of how useful and effective they can be! Dashboards are so much more than line charts and pie segments, it allows you to present your reports visually, exactly how you need in a fun and interactive format to give yourself or your team important information required at a glance.


Salesforce Training

If you want to improve your Salesforce reports and dashboards training, then you’ll be interested in our Salesforce Reports, Dashboards and Analytics training taking place on Tuesday 23rd of July in London. We are holding training sessions specifically on Reports, Dashboards and Analytics for beginners and more advanced users. We held our first session in June but if you are interested in attending our next one in July, please click here.

By Kayfeanne Davis, Customer Success Executive at ShoNet.